3 Steps to Create More Cashflow & Reduce Legal Headaches

with a PROFIT-focused legal strategy!

Learn to Leverage your Legal Strategy ⤴️


Get access to my 3-part strategy to legally protect your portfolio so you can stop sweating over whether your assets are secure, your cashflow's going to disappear, and if your contractors and tenants are gonna go rogue

Have we met?

I'm Bonnie Galam, real estate lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, real estate investor, and founder of Bonnie Galam LLC, where I help other investors level up their businesses with fill-in-the-blank legal templates and Landlord Law School.

In this training, I'll teach you how to legally cover your assets, create generational wealth, and achieve your financial goals through scaling your investing business.

Ready to confidently scale your portfolio without losing sleep over getting sued or making legal mistakes?


✅ The one HUGE mistake you're making that's holding you back from increasing your net worth and keeping you from increasing your cashflow (Hint: I made it, too.)

✅ The 3 types of protection you NEED in place to create a portfolio that works for you (not the other way around!)

✅ The MOST effective way to use legal tools to stop legal problems in their tracks and repel problematic tenants and contractors—plus the PROVEN way to prevent lawsuits in the first place

✅ The most IMPORTANT tool you need to keep your investing from turning into a 24/7 job (Hint: other than just turning your phone off and sticking your head in the sand)

✅ And... this kicker: the MAIN reason most investors fail to protect themselves and how to avoid this major pitfall.


See you in there!


It's important to understand the Bonnie Galam is not your lawyer and you do not have an attorney-client relationship with her. Bonnie will not give you any legal advice on your personal. or specific legal questions. This workshop and all other trainings and other content from Bonnie Galam LLC is NOT intended to be a substitute for traditional legal services with a local lawyer licensed in your state. 

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